Horseshoe Arch on the Blessington Village Heritage Trail

Horseshoe Arch

This archway is located next to the Centra shop in Blessington. The date on the archway, 1852, tells us the year it was completed. The shape on the archway, in the form of a Horseshoe, indicates clearly that it was the entrance to a forge where the farrier reshod horses and manufactured and repaired farm implements. The forge was located at the bottom of the laneway covered by the archway. The archway, made from cut granite, is a fine example of the work of local stonecutters which can be found around the town; lintels, door surrounds and window sills. The archway was a very clever and unique way of highlighting the location of the forge. The name of the farrier who operated in the forge in 1854 was Brown. Later the Shannons were the farriers. During the Blessington Fair Day, which was held on the 13th day of every month, farmers who had horses for sale gathered outside the Horseshoe Archway and it was here that the buying and selling of horses took place.


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