The Blessington Greenway

The Blessington Greenway (Phase 1) is 6.5km in length and links the historic town of Blessington with the Palladian mansion at Russborough House. The trail starts in Blessington village and leads south to the Avon Hotel and Activity Centre at the southern end of the town from where it weaves its way along the lake shore and forestry, crosses an ancient medieval Ringfort, and then uses the footpath along part of the N81 before turning back into the forest at Burgage Moyle lane. It then crosses the Valleymount Road (R758) and makes its way to Russellstown Bay adjacent to Russborough House. Along the way you will have the opportunity to appreciate the magnificent scenery and wildlife in the area. You can download a map of the Blessington Greenway here.

The NEXT PHASE of Blessington Greenway will complete the route around the entirety of Poulaphouca Reservoir.  This will be in excess of 35Kms and will contain car-parks, toilets, and refreshment facilities.  Work is due to commence on site Q3/20 and be completed Q4/21 or Q1/22, including an upgrade to Phase 1.


Below are just a few photos taken along the Blessington Greenway showing the varied landscapes and vistas.