Christmas Lights

One of the projects BDF works on every year is the Christmas lights, the buying of new ones, some replacements, and also the installation and removal of same. However, we cannot do any of that without the generous support of the businesses around town and for the help that you have given us each year, we are very grateful and thankful.

This year, we want to make Blessington shine brighter than ever before, with a range of new and improved lights. We have a design concept as shown above and while we are hoping to receive a 75% grant to purchase these, it has become clear that we will need to provide 25% of the purchase costs plus the cost of installing and storing the lights, for which there is no grant. We will be seeking financial support from all businesses (and others). Therefore we want to make donations as easy as possible. Register below to add a patronage that suits your pocket.

Become a Patron

Be a patron for the Blessington & District Forum Christmas Lights Fund. Simply choose one of the subscription plans below to register your patronage or you can choose our pay what you want option here

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